Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Mugabe Forever

Glenn Reynolds says "Nobody deserves the Ceaucescu treatment more than Mugabe." Unfortunately, with the UN protecting his sovereignty and violence on tap from the Chinese, old Robert may be more likely to get the SENS treatment than the Ceaucescu treatment. Morgan Tsvangirai's mass protests could lead to a Color Revolution, or to a new Tiananmen Square. Projuvenation technologies throw in a new element of uncertainty about dictators and responses to them. Life becomes more precious when life expectancy doesn't diminish with age, but then, life under dictators becomes less tolerable when life expectancy doesn't diminish with age.

Ideally, the non-dictatorial nations will respond to raised stakes by raising them again so much that the dictatorial nations fold: national leaders become fair game in decapitation strikes authorized by the League of Free Nations. When you've got your whole life ahead of you in comfortable retirement, who will want to take a chance getting decapitated? Let's all learn to get along with each other.


Blogger boinky said...

Mugabe will die of old age, of course, because the UN can't even bother to stop the genocide of Dafur, because China wants Sudans oil.

4:12 PM  

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